Plastic Cycle in the Eco-System

Human activity releases a huge volume of plastic into the environment

The foam and plastic particles cannot easily degrade; they break down into smaller pieces and enter into the water ways and end up in the ocean. Many animals including fishe mistake the plastic particles for food.

Single-use plastic poses a great ecological threat to the ocean marine life

Foams and various forms of single use plastics enter into the environment due to the lack of proper garbage disposal and recycling systems. Re-collecting the plastic from environment is extremely challenging and sometimes impossible.

Plastic the disrupts marine life and moves up into the global food chain

Plastic can affect the entire food chain. Plastic moves up the food chain very quickly poisoning land and marine life. More and more animals die as the result of exposure to plastic.


Plastic particles can end up in human body posing many health risks

Finally, plastic enters into the body through food, exposing people to many health risks such as digestive problems, internal diseases and various forms of cancers.



Our Environment with and Without Single Use Plastics

Our Environment with Single Use Plastics Our Environment Without Single Use Plastics
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