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Square Food Containers Specs:

  • Qty in box: 140 Size: 8″ x 8″ x 3″
  • Features: Freezer-safe, Microwave Safe
  • Material: Bio-based from Corn Starch
  • Cost effective premium quality alternative to traditional plastic and foam containers. Sturdy build, stylish design

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Application: Disposable Square Food Containers are best for fast-foods, high speed kitchens. Also, the excellent built quality of these containers makes them a great choice for the take out of fine dining restaurants.

Food Cuisine:   Wide variety of Asian noodle dishes, medium burgers with fries & sides, wide range of medium portion Mediterranean foods. Works well for food storage in freezer as well.

Greendish products are safe in microwave, and also hold their great physical property in freezers. Cornstarch food containers could also be washed and reused if needed. Unlike sugar cane and paper containers, the thicker walls of the corn starch food containers makes them a much reliable choice for heavy duty use.

Greendish takeout Containers Feature

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Check out Canada’s proposed integrated management approach to plastic products to prevent waste and pollution here

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm

Plant Based Eco Friendly From Corn Starch










Poly Bag + Carton


TUV Austria


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7 reviews for Square Food Container

  1. Ray

    Hands down the strongest food box I have used in a long time. They stack well for delivery too.

  2. Jeff

    Works well for my food. It is deep enough for fries and double burger. Good container.

  3. Hiroshi B. Brian

    I use for fried noddle. Door fits hard and keep the food hot. I need bigger size.

  4. Ayub Fa.

    We use this for our medium donair plate and falafel plate. Our food looks good in the square shape beacuse we serve everything with four things. Thank you good product.

  5. Amir H.

    I was looking really heavy duty green ones cuz i hate those fragile headaches. I am happy with this and recommend

  6. Roger S.

    Lid works well. You can close the container lid with a little push. Hands down this is the best quality square container I have used so far.

  7. Roger G.

    Very well built. The other square one they have with 3 compartment is also excellent. We use the other one more but this one is also great.

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Square food conatinerSquare Food Container

Availability: In stock

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