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Greendish Food Container Features
Compostable Food Containers

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Introducing our Advanced Material Food Containers

We engineer and design our products from sustainable bio-based material with the safest health properties making our products a perfect solution for restaurants, schools, hospitals and any other place healthy eating is valued.

Certified Bio-Based

Greendish food containers are made from bio-based materials such as corn starch and are TUV certified. TUV is the global leader in Hygiene Management Standards test and certification.

Excellent Quality

Food container made from corn starch are very strong structurally allowing them to be the perfect take out containers for fast foods, fine-dining, standing meet ups or other settings.

Safe and Cancer Free

Show you care about your customers’ health and well-being by replacing the foam and single use plastic with green and sustainable food containers. Brag about your bran's environmental responsibility.

Greendish food containers are feature rich and capable

Our products feature list is long and here are a few notable ones!

Freezer Safe

Fridge and freezer safe with no loss of physical properties at cold temperatures

Microwave Safe

Microwave Safe food containers don’t melt or release toxic fumes during microwave heating

Sturdy Design

Food containers are engineered for high speed, heavy duty usage

Soak Resistant

Corn based food containers are 100% water and soak resistant

See How Our Food Containers Lead the Pack

Plastic / Foam Corn Starch Paper Suger Cane PLA
Inexpensive to Use, Extremely Expensive to the Planet Affordable to Use and Excellent for the Planet Inexpensive To Use, Good for the Planet if Recycled Very Affordable to Use and Excellent for the Planet Very Expensive to Use But ok for the Planet
400 Year+ to Decompose 90 Days+ to Decompose 30 Days+ to Decompose 90 Days+ to Decompose 1 Year+ to Fully Decompose
Strong Structure and Multi Purpose Use Strong Structure and Multi Purpose Use Very Soft Structure and Light Use Only Semi Soft Structure and Limited Use Only Strong Structure but Temp Limited Use
Not Microwave Safe, Emits Toxic Fumes Microwave Safe, with No Health Risks Microwave Safe, with No Health Risk Microwave Safe, with No Health Risk Not Microwave Safe, Melts in Radiation
Safe for Hot Applications, but with some health risks Safe for Hot Applications Safe for Warm Applications Safe for Hot Applications No Hot Applications, Melts in heat
Multi Use but could deform in Dishwasher Multi Use and Dishwasher Safe Single Use Only Washing not possible Single Use Only Washing not possible Single Use Only Not Washable

Need help choosing the right Food containers?

Not sure what you need? Just give us a call or drop in to see our food containers and other products. We guarantee you will be amazed with the built quality of our products.

Our proprietary technology enables us produce a wide variety of food containers from corn and other material abundantly available in nature. Our products offer top of the line quality at an extremely competitive price point but we are not stopping there. Our engineering teams are continuously pushing the envelope to beat every record and target we set for our products.

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As a one of the leading supplier of bio based and compostable food containers we are always looking to develop our network of distributors and business partners around the Canada. Since we began more than 10 years ago, regional distribution partners have played a crucial role in promoting and supporting the sale of our solutions in their local markets. If they win, we win.

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