We Are Committed to a Sustainable Environment

Our Mission is to reduce the single use plastic pollution by promoting the usage of biobased food containers

In today’s dynamic world, you do not need to be a large corporation to embrace sustainability. Smart and committed small businesses are adopting sustainability practices, in some cases even faster than large corporations. Here at Greendish we are using the latest technology in material development to incorporate bio-based products into our manufacturing of compostable food containers. Our ultimate vision is to enjoy a clean environment where there is no more single use plastic discharge to the oceans.

Plastic Cycle on the Planet Earth


Human activity releases a huge volume of plastic into the environment

Foams and various forms of single use plastics enter into the environment due to the lack of proper garbage disposal and recycling systems. Re-collecting the plastic from environment is extremely challenging and sometimes impossible.


Single-use plastic poses a great ecological threat to the ocean marine life

The foam and plastic particles cannot easily degrade; they break down into smaller pieces and enter into the water ways and end up in the ocean. Many animals including fishe mistake the plastic particles for food.


Plastic the disrupts marine life and moves up into the global food chain

Plastic can affect the entire food chain. Plastic moves up the food chain very quickly poisoning land and marine life. More and more animals die as the result of exposure to plastic.


Plastic particles can end up in human body posing many health risks

Finally, plastic enters into the body through food, exposing people to many health risks such as digestive problems, internal diseases and various forms of cancers.

14 Billion Punds

An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash-most of it plastic ends up in the world’s oceans every year
Millions of Death

Plastic bags & other plastic garbage kills millions of marine animals and birds every year
2% Recycled

World Population generates about 12 million tons of Plastic Waste a year and only recycles about 2 % of it.
Impact on the next generations is severe

The world as we live in is rapidly changing. World Clean water reserves is depleting and plastic is affecting almost all fomrs of life in land and sea.

we all can

Reuse and recycle. Choose reusable bio-based products and use fewer disposable ones
We are all

The sustainability ambassadors of our planet and responsible to protect it from pollution
We need to act now

To protect our planet and enjoy a healthy life now and gift a clean world to future generations
Preserving our planet is team work and we at GreenDish strive to play a small part in reducing ecological disruption and improving human health

Global Healthcare Costs Are on The Rise as the Result of Environmental Pollution

Single use plastic and foam material entering the environment is exposing all life forms including humans to severe health risks, increasing environmental cleaning and the cost of health care. Coping with this grand challenge requires a universal effort by both the developing and developed countries. With the current trends, the healthcare cost per capita in the next 30 years would increase by 35%. Learn more from United Nations research on single use plastic.

Introducing our Advanced Material Food Containers

We engineer and design our products from sustainable bio-based material with the safest health properties making our products a perfect solution for restaurants, schools, hospitals and any other place healthy eating is valued.

Greendish food containers are feature rich and capable

Innovation in your hand

The engineering team at Greendish is constantly at work to improve Greendish products across all aspects from the composition of the raw material to enhancement of the structural design of the dishes. Our product line-up includes many features such as easy stacking, speedy handling, and strong grips.


  • 400 Year+ to Decompose
  • Strong Structure Multi Purpose Use
  • Not Microwave Safe, Emits Toxic Fumes
  • Safe for Hot Applications
  • Sinlge Use Deforms in Dishwasher


  • 30 Days+ to Decompose
  • Very Soft Structure Light Use Only
  • Microwave Safe, with No Health Risk
  • Safe for Warm Applications
  • Single Use Only Washing not possible

Sugar Cane

  • 90 Days+ to Decompose
  • Semi Soft Structure Limited Use Only
  • Microwave Safe, with No Health Risk
  • Safe for Hot Applications
  • Single Use Only Washing not possible

Corn Starch

  • 90 Days+ to Decompose
  • Strong Structure Multi Purpose Use
  • Microwave Safe, with No Health Risks
  • Safe for Hot Applications
  • Multi Use and Dishwasher Safe


  • 1 Year+ to Fully Decompose
  • Strong Structure Temp Limited Use
  • Not Microwave Safe, Melts in Radiation
  • No Hot Applications, Melts in heat
  • Single Use Only Not Washable

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