How Single Use Plastic Consumtion Impacts the Planet and you!

Human activity releases a huge volume of plastic into the environment

Foam products and single use plastic do not degrade naturally and can only be recycled. Due to the lack of universal garbage disposal and recycling systems plastic ends up in environment and eventually makes its way to oceans. It may be striking if you knew all the plastic human race has ever made is still present in one form or other.

Single use plastic poses a great ecological threat to the ocean marine life

Plastic gets into the waterways and eventually gets washed down to the world oceans. In this journey a plastic product could break into many pieces and sometime into very small pieces. While in the oceans, small fishes could mistake tiny plastic pieces for food and eat them. This is where plastic enters the global food chain.

Plastic disrupts marine life and moves up into the global food chain

Small fishes that mistake tiny plastic pieces for food and eat them could get permanently sick or die as the result of clogged digestive systems. Unfortunately, this problem amplifies when bigger fishes eat the smaller ones and eventually smaller fishes poison all the bigger ones. Plastic could move up in the food chain very quickly.

Plastic particles can end up in human body posing many health risks

We humans are also a part of ecological chain on this planet and we feed from turf and surf. Plastic enters human body when we consume fish or other animals which are already poisoned with single use plastic. Numerous researches have shown that continuous exposure to plastic could result to various types of terminal disease.

Our Environment with and Without Single Use Plastic Consumption

We want to help the website guests imagine how the same beach could look like if the World could permanently stop using single use plastic. Happily, many countries in the world are moving towards banning single use plastic however, this is a global challenge and requires both governments, large organizations and private sectors work together.
Our Environment with Single Use Plastics Our Environment Without Single Use Plastics
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