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Greendish Food Container Features

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Our Plant Based Eco-Friendly food containers, bowls and cutlery sets have an amazing quality at unbeatable prices. We also keep everything in stock so you can access our no commitment wholesale pricing whatever your order size may be!

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Free shipping is available on all orders of $450 or more for commercial and noncommercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area. We also offer priority Canada-wide delivery for your convenience! Check out our delivery zones and transit times.

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We are Greendish, a company that makes food containers for customers with unique business needs. Our products are manufactured carefully, and we're confident you'll be amazed by the quality! Ask for free samples to see how great they are."

Stand out with Greendish Eco Friendly Takeaway Containers, Bowls, and Cutlery Sets

We have engineered our products to set your business up for success. Impress your customers with Greendish food containers and cutlery

Freezer Safe

Fridge and freezer safe with no loss of physical properties at cold temperatures. Pre-fill and stock your food in the freezer. Our products are a perfect match.

Microwave Safe

Microwave Safe food packaging doesn’t melt or release toxic fumes during microwave heating. Many people prefer to reheat takeout food in their to-go containers.

Moist Resistant

Corn-based food packaging is 100% waterproof and does not suck moisture out of food. Safer for delivery while maintaining the food quality

Sturdy Design

Greendish food containers are engineered for high-speed kitchens and heavy-duty usage. Corn Stach containers superseded bagasse in all physical characteristics

Shop Disposable Food Containers and Cutlery Now!

Take Out Containers

Made from corn starch

Leak Proof Bowls

Made from corn starch

Super Sturdy Plates

Made from corn starch

Eco Friendly Cutleries

Made from corn starch

Multi Purpose Cups

Made from corn starch

Consumers are asking for Eco Friendly products. Is your Food Service business responding?


Consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly and plant-based food packaging.


Not a surprise but almost half of consumers eat take-out food out from the disposable containers.


Consumers now want to be able to store their leftovers in the original take-out containers


Consumers say it is essential that they can safely reheat foods in its take out containers.

Our Commitments and Mission

Greendish Food Containers are dedicated to bringing healthy, sustainable food packaging options. We engineer and design our products from bio-based materials that provide safety while minimizing the environmental impact – which makes us perfect in restaurants, catering, schools, and hospitals,… where they favor green over black!

This is how we minimize the environmental impact and show our commitment to our home country, Canada, and the World!

We Are Committed to Our Customers

Greendish containers and cutlery are made from corn starch and are structurally strong, making them the perfect takeaway containers for fast foods, fine dining, stands ups or other settings. Our massive economy of scale enables us to provide superior quality at an accessible price for small businesses.

We Are Committed to the General Public

Our customer's customers are super important to us. This means millions and millions of people just in Canada! We support the health and well-being of the people in our communities by supplying green and sustainable choices which could reduce or eliminate foam and single-use plastic from circulation.

We Are Committed to the Planet Earth

Greendish is environmentally responsible. Our food containers and cutlery are made from bio-based materials such as corn starch and are TUV certified. As a result, we build products with significantly less environmental impact. TUV is the global leader in Hygiene Management Standards tests and certification.

Need help choosing the Right Food Storage Containers?

Not sure what you need? Just give us a call or drop in to see our food containers and other products. We guarantee you will be amazed at the built quality of our products.

Our proprietary technology has enabled us to become a cutting-edge bio-based food containers manufacturer and produce a wide variety of take-out containers from corn and other material abundantly available in nature. Our products offer top-of-the-line quality at highly competitive prices, but we are not stopping there. Our engineering teams continuously push the envelope to beat every record and target we set for our products. 

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